Cindy  McGrew Founder & CEO

Cindy McGrew Founder & CEO

Cindy McGrew, founder and CEO for Operation Second Chance, worked full time for 18 ½ years, at Legg Mason, now Morgan Stanley, as a Client Service Representative. She left her full time job to devote her efforts full time to Operation Second Chance. She began this mission of hope out of love for our country, pride in being an American and a huge respect for those serving in the military. “She learned Patriotism and love for Country at a very young age. She has four older brothers that served in various branches of the military (2 Marines and 2 Army). Three of her brothers went to war. Her brother Ted was fortunate to have West Point as his duty station. Her older brother was injured while serving our country. She remembers how her brothers were treated when they returned home from Vietnam, and she vowed to do all I could to see that future heroes were not treated that way again. they are not forgotten.