Jeremy  Callahan

Jeremy Callahan

Jeremy Callahan, a.k.a. the App Man, is an expert at helping business develop Apps that generate more leads and revenue while reducing manpower and costs. His career began when he self taught himself web programming in 1998 during the Since then he has worked on globally recognized brands, startups and small businesses. His most notable career accomplishments include founding Archer Leads, Ballpark Waiter and Shoe Swipe. At Archer he architected and programmed a CRM platform that processed over 250,000 incoming and outgoing leads per month. In 2011 he programmed his first mobile App: Ballpark Waiter. And in 2014 he came up with an idea while using Tinder. He imagined that the Swiping interface would be perfect for shopping and created Shoe Swipe. He now leads mobile development teams to build Apps for American Express, Universal Orlando, Safeway, IBM and many other clients. He is an expert at determining what it takes to go from ideas to a production-ready App.