Maral  Saccoyan

Maral Saccoyan

Welcome to Maral's creative hub! Maral is a Las Vegas local, singer, song writer and Radio/TV host. She is also an MBA graduate and a business woman with over 15 years of account management/sales & marketing experience in the corporate world.
Making the decision to move to Vegas 7 years ago really brought her to where she is today. The community opened doors for her where she freely discovered her passions and embraced her creativity. She found outlets to celebrate her talents with others in the local scene and is still making some amazing connections today. Her motto is “No matter what you do in life, treat your passions like your babies, never leave them behind when writing your story”.
Whether your listening to her sing at a local venue or tuning into her TV/Radio show, her mission is simple- to spread happiness while putting a smile on your face.