Lan  Marberry

Lan Marberry

Growing up in the highlands of Vietnam as the oldest daughter of poor coffee farmers, hard work and perseverance became a big part of Lan Marberry's life. She now manages Bon Mua Oregon, a coffee company in Salem Oregon, that sells her family's coffee from the Daklak Province of Vietnam.
Coffee has always been at the heart of everything Lan Marberry does; she spent most of her childhood on the farm, often spending nights beneath a plastic tarp strung between two coffee trees. From the age of six, she helped her father plant coffee trees and every season his work ethic and ambition brought them and the coffee closer together. Lan learned first hand the Truth about coffee. She says her life journey has always been lined with coffee trees, and her goal now is to help others taste the Truth of Bon Mua Coffee.
Lan Marberry has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oregon and a Master's of Business Administration Degree from Willamette University.