Robin  Graham

Robin Graham

Robin Graham is a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and a results-oriented entrepreneur who helps people and organizations overcome barriers to high performance by bridging the awareness-action gap. As a seeker of insight and questioner of conforming thought, the introduction of PSYCH-K® into Robin’s life felt like finding a part of herself that had been missing. Although a success in corporate business and as an entrepreneur, she knew at a deep level that there was something bigger she was supposed to do.
Since 1994, Robin has been facilitating personal growth with PSYCH-K® and helping herself and others discover how to break through old filters of limitation to experience greater confidence and success — both personally and professionally.
She is a certified instructor of PSYCH-K®, PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration, and is the International Director of PER-K®, providing workshops and certifications for organizational leaders around the world.