Andre  Kulisz, PhD

Andre Kulisz, PhD

Dr Andre Alexander Kulisz is a practicing naturopathic doctor and an international consultant in the area of neurotoxicity and chronic inflammatory conditions and an expert advisor to the European Commission. Through his World-Wide Naturopathic Health Service, he provides recovery programs for patients in many countries. In 1985, he established Kulisz, Inc., (aka Andre Kulisz Associates) in Minneapolis, MN, to investigate opportunities for new treatments through mathematical modelling of absent or incompetent human organs. Dr Kulisz holds 13 medical patents in the United States and over 30 in other countries. He is a graduate of the Maritime Academy in Poland, the Aviation Institute in Russia, and the Knightsbridge University (EU) with a doctorate in applications of technology and economics in medicine. Dr Kulisz is a registered National Provider by the US Department of Health and Human Services and accredited to practice in the European Union.