Dr. Madeline Ann  Lewis

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success Institute, and creator of the online course “Crack the Career Code: How to Lead With Confidence, Charisma, and Credibility.” She’s a career strategist, trainer, speaker, financial facilitator, author, and business consultant. Dr. Lewis conducts executive/professional development training, workshops and seminars that have been presented throughout the United States and abroad. She was selected by the Enterprising Magazine as the “2017 Enterprising Woman of the Year”; Paul Anthony Foundation for the “2015 Successful Journey of Black Entrepreneurship” Award; she was chosen from hundreds of nominees around the world to receive Honorable Mention as a finalist for the “2015 Enterprising Woman of the Year” Award; in 2013 by the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce for the “Business Woman of the Year”; which is just a few of many accolades she has received.