Dr. Matthew  Earnhardt

Dr. Matthew Earnhardt

Matthew Earnhardt is a tenure track, Assistant Professor in the College of Business at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. Dr. Earnhardt is the Chair of the Department of Leadership and Management where he leads a department of 14 full-time faculty, 180 adjunct faculty, 4000 students and 5 academic programs. Dr. Earnhardt is also the leader of several COB initiatives including LEAD (Learn, Engage, Achieve and Develop) as well as podcasts. Dr. Earnhardt has a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership as well as two Masters and an undergraduate degree. Dr. Earnhardt is a prolific researcher in the field of leadership with 18 peer-reviewed journal articles, 12 conference presentations, and a $99,000 grant from the FAA. He also is an invited speaker at several national and international events. Prior to a career in education, Dr. Earnhardt was in the Navy and an analyst for Lockheed Martin Corporation.