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9/27/2022 is-inflation-turning-hyper

Is Inflation Turning Hyper?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Bob Moriarty, Michael Oliver & Quinton Hennigh are this week’s guests. Alasdair Macleod’s September 15 weekly essay was titled “Inflation is Turning Hyper. Listen Now

5/3/2022 putin-plays-americas-fake-money-game

Putin Plays America’s Fake Money Game

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Robert Moriarty & Patrick Highsmith return as this week’s guests. When Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that countries unfriendly to Russia would have to pay for their oil and gas in Russian rubles, he pulled a chapter out of the U.S. playbook. Listen Now

2/23/2021 what-became-of-the-crow

What became of the Crow?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Robert Moriarty & Dr. Quinton Hennigh return. An early settler in NW Australia, James Withnell aided by a nasty crow, first discovered gold in Australia's Pilbara in 1888. Listen Now

7/21/2020 common-sense-20

Common Sense 2.0

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Bob Moriarty returns as a guest. "Common Sense" was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–1776 that fired up members of the original thirteen colonies in America to fight for independence from Great Britain. Listen Now

12/24/2019 making-money-in-mining-stocks-in-2020-part-i

Making Money in Mining Stocks in 2020 Part I

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Bob Moriarty, Gwen Preston, Brent Cook and Gregg McCoach are guests for this week’s show. Your host will ask them each to provide their views on the following issues: 1) Based on their economic outlook, which markets do they think will be strong in 2020? 2) What was their best stock pick in 2019? 3) What are their top two picks for 2020? Listen Now

3/19/2019 worshiping-the-state-how-liberalism-became-our-state-religion

Worshiping the State - How Liberalism Became Our State Religion

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Dr. Benjamin Wiker visits for the first time. Michael Oliver and Bob Moriarty return. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the U.S. Government from establishing or funding a religion, but Dr. Wiker explains why that is exactly what the U.S. government does when it funds all manner of liberal policies of the political left in America. Listen Now

3/12/2019 will-america-face-an-economic-recession-in-2019

Will America Face an Economic Recession in 2019?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Danielle DiMartino Booth, Michael Oliver and Robert Moriarty return. Danielle who always provides insightful commentary regarding the Federal Reserve and its monetary policy, especially during times when the Fed decisions and announcements are made... Listen Now

1/15/2019 bob-moriartys-unconventional-view-of-the-world

Bob Moriartys Unconventional View of the World

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Robert Moriarty visits for the first time. Chen Lin and Michael Oliver return. Robert is a most colorful, creative, controversial but fascinating person that you will ever meet. He put an exclamation point in his career as a Vietnam pilot by flying a plane under the Eiffel Tower. Listen Now