Louis Scatigna

Louis Scatigna, CFP, a veteran Certified Financial Planner and President of AFM Investments, Inc., has been advising families on practical financial management for more than 25 years. As the host of the top-rated radio program, The Financial Physician, Scatigna has diagnosed and treated the financial ills of listeners for more than 10 years. His analogies of physical and financial health have motivated clients and audiences alike to get into fiscal shape. Scatigna is said to have the skill of a surgeon, with the bedside manner of a country doctor. Lou is not just any CFP. What sets him apart from 99.9% of his colleagues is his understanding of the underlying cause of America's financial demise. Lou understands policy makers are only making things worse. As such, Lou provides advice that is different than 99.9% of all other CFPs, like owning gold. Properly understanding a problem is the only way you can fix it. That's the premise of this show. That's why Lou will be here next week.