Olivia Quarless  Goulbourne

Olivia Quarless Goulbourne

About the Artist... Olivia Quarless Goulbourne A prolific writer, poet, and musician. Understanding the human experience and healing the wounded soul has been the consuming focus of her life and work. An intense student of human growth potential and a ten-year passage of initiation and healing empowers her life ministry to serve as a guide and spiritual coach assisting individuals seeking empowerment through self directed spiritual healing. As a healed survivor, she now thrives with keen insight into understanding and healing the blockages that hinder progress and happiness. She shares her maps for the healing work with individuals who are awake on their own journey using the program she developed called The Road to Peace Life Mediation Program. She is committed to serving as an instrument of light and a champion for peace striving to make the world more humane and a place harmonious co-existence.