"Mekita" Melanie McDaniel

Melanie "Mekita" McDaniel is passionate about choice. She believes that you can’t unknow something, even if it is hidden somewhere deep in yourself. She is aggressively enthusiastic about self exploration and healing. Throughout her life she has seen many people turn a blind eye to things, which perpetuates the problems. Mekita is the person who chooses to look at them. Though strong in her convictions, Mekita struggles with living life Consciously when there are so many unknowns. Her mission is to bring as much information and experience as she can to the people who are willing to look with both eyes wide open and really see. Today she lives happily from a place a gratitude and wonder at the magic of life and hopes to be a beacon for those who have overcome deep pain to see that it is possible to thrive. You can find her at: http://consciously.org