Hedda  Adler

Hedda Adler

Hedda Adler is the Queen of Vitality. She is a world-renowned skincare expert and the author of an award-winning book, "Ageless-Five Keys to a miraculous Life at any Age." She is also the founder of the "Ageless Revolution Movement" which empowers maturing women to experience vitality ay any age. Hedda's nurturing spirit and multi-cultural background make her easy to connect with. Her client's rave about her healing touch and her unique signature treatment methodology transforms their skin to look and feel 10 years younger. She courageously overcame tragedy, abandonment, loneliness and worry about her survival. She reinvented herself and created a brand new life after she finally initiated her divorce at the age of 67! She is the walking proof that it can be done. Her devotion to assisting anyone who is ready to transform the 2nd part of their life to experience more vigor, more vibrancy and much more vitality than they ever dreamed possible. Find her at: http://HeddaAdler.com.