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Ian and Alicia Denchasy

Ian and Alicia are a married couple-together since 1989- who believe sex and intimacy are integral to the longevity of all relationships and that these components should be BETTER the longer they’re together. They wish to defy the stereotype that marriage shouldn't be the sexiest and most fun time of their lives. Freddy -Ian -is the husband, Eddy -Alicia -is the wife. For the record, at one time they would've scoffed at visiting an adult store or cruising the web looking for sex toys. Their site was created to address issues they THEMSELVES had (and continue to encounter as they navigate the wonderful waters of marriage). They realize sex is a beautiful and natural occurrence, vital to fulfilling their roles as husband and wife. They need not be ashamed of their sexuality in any way, shape, or form and neither should you. They live in a house with a white picket fence and love to take their 10 year old son to the beach every chance they get. Probably just like most of you.