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3/30/2023 summer-plans-for-high-school-students-creating-your-own-project

Summer Plans for High School Students; Creating Your Own Project

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Even though it still feels like winter, it’s time to start planning for summer! From getting a job or taking a class to pursuing an internship or working on applications, summer offers a unique opportunity to focus on your interests for a few months. Listen Now

5/20/2021 scholarship-searches-film-majors-common-app-activities-list

Scholarship Searches; Film Majors; Common App Activities List

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
As frequent listeners to our program know, the best sources of scholarship money are the colleges themselves. But there is more money out there for students willing to put the time in to look. We’ll offer tips on doing those outside scholarship searches. Listen Now

8/29/2019 essays-for-vassar-and-university-of-rochester-listener-q-and-a

Essays for Vassar and University of Rochester; Listener Q and A

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
It is application season, and application season means supplemental essays In this weeks show, we will dissect the supplemental questions for Vassar and University of Rochester. We will also answer your college admissions and finance questions in our Listener Q and A segment. Listen Now