Andy  Costello

Andy Costello

ANDY COSTELLO is an artist. He is currently the Lead Graphic Artist for VoiceAmerica, and has worked with several other companies, including retail stores, restaurants, corporate businesses, and religious houses to create graphics, artwork, and brand identities. While not at work, Andy’s still making art, including having drawn over 600 comic pages since 2003; designing t-shirts; and collecting and re-painting vintage toys and action figures. When Andy isn’t making art, he is a pop-culture enthusiast: He’s a former comic store entrepreneur, has read more comic books than he can count; owns too many DVD collections of 1980s & ‘90s cartoons; and is always listening to music of some kind. Andy is co-host of the pop culture podcast, ATOMIC MONSOON. His crowning achievement in life is buying property in Hell. Learn more about this unique specimen at