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3/2/2020 scalar-energy

Scalar Energy

In the Ring with Mia
Scalar Light can assist in clearing/re-balancing your negative energies so you can experience a more optimal state of behavioral and physical energetic wellness. Listen Now

12/2/2019 tom-paladino-pathogen-killer

Tom Paladino - Pathogen Killer

The Michael Saunders Show
On this episode we speak with Tom Paladino. Tom is a Scaler Light Therapy expert that claims his methods can cure many thing such as Headaches, Skin problems, Viral infections,HERPES, and Bacterial infections. Join us as we get to know Tom and learn about his breakthrough in medical advances and therapies. Listen Now

10/28/2019 20-the-possibility-of-remote-healing-with-tom-paladino

20. The Possibility of Remote Healing with Tom Paladino

High Vibin’ It
Is remote healing possible? Can you actually cure pathogenic disease using energy? These questions and more will be answered in this episode of "High Vibin' It"! Lynnsey and Kelsey sit down with Tom Paladino, who's a pioneer in healing with Scalar Energy; also known sometimes as Prana, Chi, or Qi energy. Listen Now

10/9/2019 healing-the-world-remotely-through-scalar-energy

Healing the World Remotely Through Scalar Energy

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could rid the world of disease on a large scale and help under privileged populations at a global level? Well according to Tom Paladino, the technology to do this is already available. Listen Now