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5/12/2022 regular-decision-results-living-off-campus

Regular Decision Results; Living Off Campus

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Now that the dust has settled on regular decision 2022, we’re sharing the results and trends we’re seeing. We’re also exploring things to think about if you’re trying to decide whether to move out of the dorm to an off-campus apartment next year. Listen Now

12/30/2021 now-what-new-years-resolutions-admissions-and-finance

Now What?; New Year’s Resolutions: Admissions & Finance

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Your applications are in. Now what?! We’ll tell you! As the New Year approaches, and with it, resolutions, we’re offering some suggestions for you to consider on both the admissions and personal finance front. Listen Now

11/7/2019 top-5-college-application-mistakes-too-many-applications

Top 5 College Application Mistakes; Too Many Applications

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation
Every year we read about students who apply to far too many schools, topping out at 20, 30, and even 40 or more applications. While we appreciate the temptation to do more given how uncertain the process can feel, our experience shows us time and again that too many applications is a big mistake. Listen Now