Myrtha  Dubois

Myrtha Dubois

Myrtha Dubois is a two time International Best-Selling Author, Certified Personal Development Coach, Life Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Visionary of Creating Purposeful Resilience (C.P.R). She believes that we are meant to do more, have more, and be more, however in order to achieve this, we must actively participate in the journey towards our best self. Myrtha says that “many people want to get to a better place before they do something different, but many fail to realize that in order to get to a better place we must do something different”. Because she believes in the hidden gifts YOU have yet to discover, Myrtha’s passion centers on Educating, Elevating and Empowering others through social media, networking events, speaking platforms, face to face sessions, podcasts and meetup groups. Myrtha has faced many of life’s interruptions. But unlike many of us, she used her experience as fuel to develop her life into what was designed and planned for her by her Creator.