Radio Episodes
8/9/2021 conscious-parenting-healing-your-blood-line

Conscious Parenting - Healing Your Blood Line

Sovereign Self
In this episode, Zofia is joined by an expert panel of healers to explore how to heal the ancestral wounds in our families of origin so we can break the cycles for ourselves and our families . They take on improving self Esteem/confidence. Listen Now

1/29/2020 transcending-the-human-drama-kerri-hummingbird

Transcending the Human Drama: Kerri Hummingbird

11:11 Talk Radio
It's time to liberate yourself from the shackles of a dehumanized world, claim your sovereignty, stand in your truth and knowing, speak up and speak out, and BE the change in your family systems, communities, and world. You are the ones the Earth has been waiting for. You are the wise ones, the ancient ones, the master teachers. It's time to rise Listen Now