Chip  Duncan

Chip Duncan

Chip Duncan is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, author, and president of The Duncan Group, Inc., a documentary and feature film production company formed in 1984. Chip’s new book, Enough To Go Around: Searching for Hope in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfur, is an engaging account of humanitarian efforts in the world's most challenging and deadly trouble spots, and about finding hope in the face of international crises. Chip has received more than 100 national and international awards. His most recent production, LANDSLIDE—The Presidency of Herbert Hoover, begins airing on public television in 2009. The Cost of Freedom—Civil Liberties, Security and the USA PATRIOT Act aired in 2004. Chip serves as a board member for not-for-profit group Relief International. He guides an annual trip on Peru's Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. An avid skier, he spends time in the Alaskan wilderness. In 2006 Duncan climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with friends from the United Arab Emirates.