Kelley  Woods

Kelley Woods

Kelley T. Woods is a certified clinical hypnotherapist from Anacortes, Washington. An international hypnosis instructor and author of several hypnosis trade books, she is an instructor with the Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute and a board member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. She is an award-winning hypnotist and a co-founder of HOPE Coaching, utilizing Mindful Hypnosis to help clients who suffer chronic issues. She is also the founder of Hypnotic Women, an online private group for women who work professionally with hypnosis. As a second-degree black belt in Shito Ryu karate, Kelley has enjoyed many years of instructing and mentoring people of all ages. She infuses her belief in hypnotic powers throughout her life experiences, whether working with cancer care clients, children, or supporting fellow practitioners. For nearly 20 years.Kelley has honed a creative, fun and practical approach in her work and her teaching.