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Chanta Rose

Australian born, with an early career in modeling and an early interest in bondage, Chanta Rose found herself craving something new when she stumbled upon Bondage during a photo shoot in New York City. It was here that she found a spark for a new career blending the art of bondage with photography. Chanta loved bondage modeling. To her, it was a huge adrenaline rush to see how much she could "take"; she would try anything from crazy suspensions to forced orgasms that left her screaming. Through being tied by so many people she learnt what was and wasn't comfortable for the bottom, where knots shouldn't be placed and how weight should be evenly distributed. It was the mistakes of other people that would provide an invaluable education for Chanta when she began rigging. She is proficient in western, Japanese, suspension and any other style of bondage you can think of! Chanta is the author of "Bondage for Sex" and is available for solo, couple and group classes.