Patrick P.  Long

Patrick P. Long

Patrick P. Long is a father and widower born and raised in St. Louis, MO. His wife, Melanie, passed from breast cancer in 2019. While pursuing his lifelong ambition of being a writer, Patrick has earned his living as a systems engineer and database architect, which means he is a nerdy computer programmer. Patrick has passions for aviation, sports, reading, writing, theater, music, movies, and popcorn. He likes to binge watch really good television shows. Patrick has trained as a pilot and flown an airplane solo. He completed a grueling 24 hour adventure race with four of his most insane friends. In training, Patrick flipped over the handlebars of his mountain bike and smashed face first into a tree, somehow managing not to break his nose or knock out any teeth. What is even more embarrassing and he does not want to admit is that he did it again a week later. Learn more about Patrick, the P, his book, and subscribe to email alerts at