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1/12/2021 mif-letter-writers-share-their-top-picks-for-2021

MIF Letter Writers Share Their Top Picks for 2021

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Peter Ball, Brent Cook, Chen Lin, Eric Coffin and Gwen Preston return. The junior gold and silver exploration stocks have been on fire and with massive monetary inflation required for the U.S. Listen Now

11/10/2020 americas-economy-under-tyranny

America’s Economy under Tyranny?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Jeff Deist, Peter Ball and Michael Oliver return. Jeff’s former boss, Ron Paul, frequently stated that if America remains free, we will be prosperous. Listen Now

9/29/2020 rose-colored-glasses-or-reality

Rose-Colored Glasses or Reality?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Lyn Alden, Michael Oliver and Peter Ball return. Legendary stock guru Richard Russell used to say that stockbrokers became wealthy because they didn’t buy their own B.S. Washington and Wall Street are known for spinning tall tales of Nirvana. Listen Now

7/28/2020 inflation-this-time-is-different

Inflation: This Time Is Different

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Alasdair Macleod returns and Peter Ball visits for the first time. Deflationist Mish Shedlock recently reiterated reasons why he expects falling prices during what is emerging as the most serious economic decline since the 1930s. Listen Now