Louise Kuo Habakus

In an unprecedented and historic move, Chris Christie put pen to paper in October and made an official campaign promise to citizens of New Jersey in support of vaccination choice. He further cemented his position on live radio with Don Imus by becoming the first gubernatorial candidate to utter the words vaccines, autism, and parental choice in the same sentence. After receipt of the official Christie campaign promise, vaccination choice and autism advocates mobilized in force. Vaccine choice supporters showed up in record numbers to cast their vote for Christie - and Christie won the election! Life Health Choices Founder Louise Kuo Habakus met with campaign leaders last December and kept the lines of communication open. Said Louise, “This election is a wake-up call to politicians nationwide. Vaccine choice belongs in the parents’ house, not the Statehouse or the White House.” Please visit www.lifehealthchoices.com. www.lifehealthchoices.com.