Dr. Jill  Maron

Dr. Jill Maron

Dr. Jill Maron is a Professor of Pediatrics and Vice Chair of Pediatric Research at Tufts Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Mother Infant Research Institute at Tufts Medical Center, a multi-disciplinary research enterprise conducting basic, translational and clinical science to advance maternal and newborn care. As a neonatologist, Dr. Maron has devoted her career to bringing non-invasive diagnostic platforms to her patients. For over 15 years, her research has focused on neonatal saliva. She has made remarkable discoveries about the developmental health information contained in simply one drop of neonatal saliva and how this information may guide caregivers to directly inform and improve care. She currently conducts two nationwide trials sponsored by the NIH to bring neonatal salivary diagnostics to the neonatal bedside, has published extensively in the field and has recently given a TEDx talk discussing the power of neonatal saliva.