Allona  Lahn

Allona Lahn

Allona Lahn is a former successful local business owner, community leader, home schooling mum, ‘Natural Health Advocate and Freedom of Choice Ambassador’, political candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party and lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. As part of her activism and voluntary work over the last 6 years, Allona has travelled around Australia to host events, speak at protests, organise rallies and connects people around Australia concerned about the erosion of human rights, the health of our children and Australia’s future. Allona is fearless and outspoken; concerned about the poisoning of the earth, our food, water, air, people and animals. Allona supports natural therapies and medicines including medicinal cannabis, natural birthing practices, community schooling, community hubs, organic foods and farming and sustainable energy. Her ultimate goal is to create a united, healthy, loving, sustainable, future for all.