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1/12/2021 mif-letter-writers-share-their-top-picks-for-2021

MIF Letter Writers Share Their Top Picks for 2021

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Peter Ball, Brent Cook, Chen Lin, Eric Coffin and Gwen Preston return. The junior gold and silver exploration stocks have been on fire and with massive monetary inflation required for the U.S. Listen Now

12/24/2019 making-money-in-mining-stocks-in-2020-part-i

Making Money in Mining Stocks in 2020 Part I

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Bob Moriarty, Gwen Preston, Brent Cook and Gregg McCoach are guests for this week’s show. Your host will ask them each to provide their views on the following issues: 1) Based on their economic outlook, which markets do they think will be strong in 2020? 2) What was their best stock pick in 2019? 3) What are their top two picks for 2020? Listen Now

12/1/2009 turning-rocks-into-gold

Turning Rocks into Gold

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
We are in the greatest gold bull market of a lifetime. Yet, producing gold profitably is a very difficult endeavor and one that is wrought with risk. Listen Now