Dr. Rolanda  Schmidt

Dr. Rolanda Schmidt

Dr. Rolanda Schmidt, formerly Rolanda Delamartinez, is Florida born and raised, living in a Midwest world. An indelible mark of seeking change after surviving being kidnapped and abused at the tender age of 12 (read the full kidnapping story here) is in Dr. Ro's heart. Many tragedies, triumphs, and mistakes have shaped the woman she is today. The greatest lesson learned is the importance of living in truth and walking in humility when facing trials and tribulations. Dr. Rolanda reminds her audience to have faith, embrace God first, and be divinely empowered to get to a better place, no matter the situation at hand.. Thanks to the self-sacrificing efforts of her husband, children/bonus children, friends, family, and mentors, Dr. Rolanda Schmidt has established herself as an entrepreneur, author, scholar, motivational speaker, and humble community servant. Her greatest joy is derived from being a Christ follower, wife, mother/bonus mom, (the word stepmom correlates to being stepped on and is a reminder of Dr Ro's cringeworthy childhood) and helping those in need. Dr. Rolanda Schmidt has gained a wealth of business experience in her former role as CEO and founder of a tax accounting firm for nearly 17 years, and working in leadership roles within the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. With this gamut of skills, Dr. Rolanda transitioned part-time (and later full-time) into academia, as a business professor for 12 years.