Lauren  Roselle

Lauren Roselle

Over the last 30 years, through her company Esteem, Lauren Roselle has led a dynamic team of instructors in providing well over 1,000 trainings in sexual harassment and assault prevention. Lauren’s expertise includes personal coaching, group trainings, and motivational public speaking. Lauren is proud to have developed empowering curricula that equip participants with skills they can put to use immediately. Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication and has provided programs to a diverse array of corporations, organizations, colleges, middle and high schools, reaching over 30,000 participants with her lively and enthusiastic teaching style. Lauren’s mission is to empower everyone, especially girls and women, to move through the world with less fear and more confidence. Most recently, she is the co-founder of SpotTheLine, a tech start-up company with a mission to utilize technology for good, providing unique apps for the assessment, treatment and prevention of all forms of sexual misconduct.