Adam  Hersko-Ronatas

Adam Hersko-Ronatas

In addition to fostering the creative pursuits of fellow up-and-coming filmmakers, I collaborate with artists as a director, cinematographer, animator, and editor – often all four – to create works that bridge various media forms. These projects range from dramatic narratives to sketch comedy, health/education PSAs to environmental documentaries, stop-motion experiments to music videos, some of which have earned global festival recognition over the years. Originally self-taught in film, I gained professional experience at Wevr, where I worked as the sole creative intern for the virtual reality production studio. There I shot and edited 360° video content for their platform, as well as wrote and directed a series of original VR shorts while finishing my undergraduate studies. I graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a degree in cognitive neuroscience and visual perception in 2018. These days I’m based in Los Angeles where I enjoy camping, biking through the hills, and tending a vegetable garden when I’m not making films.