Flaev  Beatz

Flaev Beatz

Work & Play Entertainment Founder and We Don’t PLAY Podcast Host Flaev Beatz, artist name (aka Favour Obasi-ike), is an entrepreneur and musical artist who has blended entertainment business from a professional and creative angle to navigate through his career in an innovative way. As the Founder of Work & PLAY Entertainment, their primary goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain boundless value of problem-solving solutions with innovative products. He loves to help creative entrepreneurs (including musicians, artists, business owners, creators and coaches) who come from a professional background with business etiquette, to scale and invest in their brands with digital courses, done-for-you services, and consultation services. He is also the podcast host of his sponsored show, “We Don’t PLAY” available on 14 podcast platforms. He taught himself to play drums at 6 years old. For more information, visit PlayInc.online.com