Jenn  Taylor

Jenn Taylor

Jenn is a mom Of 18, host of At a Crossroads with the Naked Podcaster, a transformational coach for Christian women, and a motivational speaker. She is an NLP Practitioner and has 15+ years in the foster care sector as both a parent and a trainer. She’s written the blog - Mom’s Running It - for almost 10 years, and is a published author of a self-help memoir "Hello, My Name Is... Warrior Princess". She teaches Crossroads Coaching - designed for Christian women who feel at a loss about their purpose and direction in life, are struggling with the balance between work, relationships, purpose, and God-given gifts, or feel that - although they chose their life - they didn’t think it would be quite like this. Her course helps women develop more self-confidence, courage, and self-esteem and gets women ready to tackle areas of life that are causing stress, overwhelm, feelings of judgment, or building stronger connections to faith. She has a signature 12-week program for women who have lost a sense of themselves - lost in serving other important purposes (work, kids, husband) - and now may feel stuck, numb, or uncertain of what to do although they know it’s time for a change. Married to an amazing man in Reno, NV, she is also a runner, a minimalist, and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. Find her online at: