David W. Tice

David W. Tice is the Bear Market Strategist for the Federated Prudent Bear Fund. He has been at the forefront of bear market investing for more than 20 years. He gained national recognition through articles he wrote for Barron's and as the subject of numerous business journal and television interviews beginning at the time when he was among just a handful of courageous people who dared to short the market. Mr. Tice launched his firm, David W. Tice & Associates, LLC, in 1988 to provide clients with hedging and sell discipline perspectives and recommendations through his "Behind the Numbers" publication and research service. This effort formed the origins of Federated Prudent Bear Fund in 1995 and Federated Prudent Global Income Fund in 2000. Mr. Tice holds an undergraduate degree in accounting as well as an MBA from Texas Christian University. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.