Debbie  Ginsberg

Debbie Ginsberg

Debbie Ginsberg is the Founder and CEO of She is an organizing mentor and professional organizer who offers breakthrough education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students, as well as adults. Her main objective is to help chronically disorganized people, many from the ADHD and EFD (Executive Function Disorder) communities, take control of their lives. Debbie has created a unique blend of individualized educational lessons and neuro-cognitive training to increase the attention span, improve cognitive skills, and control the ups and downs of emotional dysregulation. A serial entrepreneur, Debbie previously founded Uncluttered Domain, offering services as a certified senior move manager, professional organizer, and aging-in-place specialist. Her firm assisted older homeowners organize a move by sorting, downsizing, packing and unpacking and settling them into their new residence. She also guided seniors who chose to age-in-place by installing appropriate geriatric products and organizing their clutter and helping them with services such as managing their mail and bill-paying. In addition, Debbie served as a productivity consultant for businesses and nonprofits. Previously, Debbie was president of Remote Meter Technology of New York, a utility bill auditing company which reviewed the electric and water bills of residential property owners for errors and future savings.