Georgienne  Bradley

Georgienne Bradley

The Imaging Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Executive Director, Georgienne Bradley spearheaded the launch of Costa Rican Marine Imaging Project (CRMIP), in 1995. This highly successful precursor of the Imaging Foundation recognized a strong need for marine related educational programs in Costa Rica. Using creative solutions CRMIP was able to execute several national educational programs with little funding. They are proud of the accomplishments made and awards received by their Advisory Team. Paramount to our 'super-team' selection process was their proven dedication to wildlife education. Each member brings to the table not only a valuable talent, but an enthusiastic willingness to mentor others and convey a passion for the natural world through entertaining projects. These projects will be used in educational programs for local communities, youth groups, and nonprofit organizations. The Advisory Team profiles reveal a cadre of sharp, creative, and scientific minds. We invite you to join us in our challenge to better understand and protect the natural world.