Melodie  Chandler

Melodie Chandler

Melodie Chandler is the founder of a Journey of a Joyful Life. After being forced to return to the states from China in December of 2018, Melodie has continued to work alongside the board to give adoption grants for children who she fostered, as well as children all over the world who have special needs and are in the process of being adopted. In the Spring of 2019, Melodie felt God wanted her to start a Private Christian School in Montgomery County for children with different abilities. With the advice and prayers of the Board of Journey of a Joyful Life, Journey School for the Uniquely Gifted and Talented opened its doors in August of 2019. Journey School currently has 32 students and 21 staff members with differing abilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and others. Journey of a Joyful Life has also started an annual retreat for moms who have children with special needs. To encourage respite for mothers, as well as give healing to traumas and understanding to what life is like under differing circumstances related to adoption, biological motherhood and the differences in mothering a child with special needs. Melodie lives in the Woodlands with her husband and soon to be nine children, three of whom she fostered in China before adopting and have special needs. She feels every child, no matter their difference deserves respect and love and should be pushed to do and be ALL God created them to be!