Carol  Frohlinger, Esq

Carol Frohlinger, Esq

Carol Frohlinger is a co-author of Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success (Jossey-Bass/John Wiley, September 2004). She also co-founded Negotiating Women, Inc, which provides practical skills training women can use immediately to be more successful at work. Carol gives talks to groups and organizations who understand that promoting and retaining talented women is a “win-win-win” ─ good for women, good for men and good for the bottom line. She shares stories and “lessons learned” from the thousands of women she has helped to become more successful at work by negotiating more effectively ─ with clients and colleagues, bosses and boards. Join Carol and learn how you can get the best out of everyone at your business or boardroom table.