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Brian Roquemore

Brian Roquemore was born in Orlando, Florida. He is Founder and President of America's All Stars, which is a nationwide, character-education program targeting all 53 million young people K thru 12. President and Mrs. George W. Bush have served as honorary chairpersons. During the Bicentennial of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, he founded the National Thanksgiving Foundation. He arranged two National Years of Thanksgiving to commemorate those two Bicentennial events. He personally lobbied all members of the House and Senate to pass the Thanksgiving legislation. He attended an Oval Office ceremony as President Reagan signed the National Year of Thanksgiving Proclamation. Thirty-five governors and over 1,000 mayors issued similar proclamations and schools and civic groups held patriotic events nationwide. Later, President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush were Honorary Co-Chairs. Bob Hope was National Chairman. Previously, Brian was Vice President of American Capital Corporation, a Venture Capital firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut.