Faust  Ruggiero

Faust Ruggiero

With a professional career as an author, clinical trainer, researcher and therapist for almost 40 years Faust Ruggiero’s mission is to help people connect with the power they already have inside them. Establishing cutting-edge counseling programs, published research author, clinical trainer and a therapist who has worked in clinics for abused women, prisons, clinics for deaf children, inpatient facilities, nursing homes, substance abuse centers, businesses and major corporations, and inpatient facilities. He continues to provide counseling services for veterans, first responders, law enforcement and other emergency personnel, and businesses and corporations, nationally, and internationally. President of the Community Psychological Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania, Developed the Process Way of Life counseling program, created The Fix Yourself Handbook released in 2019. Received the Gold Award from Literary Titan, the Silver Award from The Nonfiction Authors Association, and the Bronze Award from Reader’s Favorite. It is available in paperback, as an e-Book, and an audio book. Author of The Fix Your Anxiety Handbook, part of The Fix Yourself empowerment series, along with The Fix Yourself Handbook, presents the Process Way of Life, created with over twenty years of research, program development, and counseling application. It has helped to change the lives of over two-thousand clients. Check out his website http://www.faustruggiero.com/ along with his radio show and social media