Emily  Henkel

Emily Henkel

At 29 years old, Emily Henkel has endured more tragedy than most her age, but she is alive to tell the tale and determined to endure and inspire for the remainder of her days on Earth. On April 3, 2021, Emily and her partner, Alexander Lofgren, traveled to Death Valley National Park on a routine camping trip. The next day began the biggest nightmare of their lives - Alex fell from a 70’ cliff and succumbed to his injuries a half hour later. Emily suffered severe injuries while down-climbing the cliff to his aide, but was able to comfort him as he took his final breaths. Unfortunately, this would be the first of six days she had to survive alone, next to the love of her life, on this desolate cliffside until she was found and rescued. In the 20 months since, Emily tells the tale of all the highs and lows, wins and losses, grief, trauma, and how she intends to utilize nature to continue her healing in the most profound of ways.