Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh Srinivasan is Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for the MedicAlert Foundation, which he joined in 2002. With his more than 20 years of strategic marketing and business development experience, he evangelizes MedicAlert’s emergency-oriented services. He led MedicAlert's initiative to enhance safety services for clinical trials. With the Alzheimer’s Association, he launched the ‘MedicAlert + Safe Return’, a 24-hour nationwide emergency service Alzheimer’s or dementia patients who wander or have a medical emergency. He’s delivered presentations at high-profile national conferences including the National Managed Healthcare Congress, Center for Aging Services and Technology, Department of Commerce, Department of Health and Human Services, and at Annual White House Conferences. He contributed to the guidance document for the protection of at-risk populations during an influenza pandemic sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.