Adam  Dreamhealer

Adam Dreamhealer

Adam combines the subtle energy he "sees" as a healer using his Native American experience in aboriginal healing, and cutting-edge biosciences he knows as a molecular biologist. Quantum physics of the hologram best describes how Adam heals and he has presented with Dr. Edgar Mitchell many times in conferences, who in the film "The Living Matrix" credits Adam with distantly healing his kidney carcinoma. Life is full of miracles and Adam has studied for years to bring a scientific framework to maximizing their outcome through the power of our own harnessed intention. Over the past 7 years Adam has demonstrated a desire and ability to heal as he encourages others to play an active role in their own healing. His message is for others to become self-empowered and KNOW that their own thoughts and intentions influence the body’s bio-chemistry to assist in their healing process. For more information visit