Anastasia  Bolden

Anastasia Bolden

Anastasia Bolden, known professionally as Anastasia The Bold, is a dynamic and influential figure in the world of comedy and empowerment. With a unique blend of humor and inspiration, she has carved out a niche for herself as a Comedic Empowerment Specialist. Anastasia's distinctive approach to empowerment involves using laughter as a healing tool, helping individuals overcome their personal traumas and challenges. Anastasia's comedic prowess has seen her share the stage with some of the most respected names in comedy. She has performed alongside comedy legends such as Michael Colyar, Laura Hayes, Red Grant, Mike Epps, Tina Graham, Corey Holcomb, Luenell, Doug Williams, Hope Flood, and Thea Vidale. These experiences have not only honed her comedic skills but also enriched her perspective on life and empowerment. In addition to her comedic endeavors, Anastasia is also an accomplished Inspirational Speaker. She has had the honor of speaking alongside esteemed personalities like Ms. Cicely Tyson, Soledad Obrien, Vanessa Williams, Shirley Murdock, and VirLinda Stanton. Her speeches are known for their authenticity and fearlessness in addressing truths that others often shy away from. Anastasia's journey into comedy began in 2001 at the Addison Improv where she received a standing ovation for her first performance. This early success was a clear indication of her natural talent and potential. Since then, she has continued to captivate audiences with her unique brand of comedy.