Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson’s life altered in 1980 following a car accident which left him with quadriplegia. He founded the London & District Sports Association, played wheelchair rugby, and coached the Ontario Wheelchair Rugby Team, Canadian Championship winner. He became Disabilities Initiative Job Broker for the Ontario Government. He co-founded Kolvox Co., developer of voice recognition software for disabled workers. In 1996 he became a Registered Rehabilitation Professional; in 2006, a Registered Vocational Professional. In 2008, he graduated as a Life Care Planner with highest honours from Capitol University’s Law School's Certification Program. With his own company, DeeGee Rehabilitation Technologies Ltd, www.deegeerehab.com, operating across North America, he develops Life Care Plans, Vocational Reports, Case Management Services, Rehabilitation Plans and Housing relating to burns, amputations, brain injuries, injuries, spinal cord and other orthopedic injuries, and congenital disabilities.