Laurie  Schible

Laurie Schible

Laurie Schible is a Certified Leadership Coach on a mission to unleash the power within high-achieving women like you. Imagine living a life where self-prioritization isn't a luxury but a necessity, where guilt and overwhelm take a backseat, and where thriving becomes your new normal. That's the world she is creating - a place where we, as women, not only survive but thrive, setting the stage for generations to come. Because we're meant for more and doing it differently is not just a choice, it's a promise of possibility! In Laurie’s journey, she’s been where you are. She danced with burnout during her 20-year stint in corporate America – climbing the ladder, juggling parenthood, globetrotting for work, and nurturing personal relationships. Now, she’s here to meet you at the crossroads of personal and professional development, guiding you to not just survive but to thrive, becoming the powerhouse leader you aspire to be. What sets her coaching apart is the culmination of her diverse experiences – from corporate leadership and coaching clients to certifications, performing Improv, and years of her own personal development. Her work is a transformative fusion of neuroscience, somatic bodywork, holistic wellness and leadership development. It's not just about reviving your mind, body, and soul; it's about mindset mastery and emotional intelligence that propels you forward.