John  Haime

John Haime

John Haime is President of LearningLinks Inc. and President of New Edge Performance Inc. and is a world-class performance specialist. John is a leading expert in emotional intelligence as it relates to performance. He is a former world tournament professional golfer and international consultant in the area of performance and emotional intelligence John Haime created LearningLinks Inc. (, which has unique corporate performance solutions including Mastering the Game: Leadership Effectiveness at Work, In Life and In Golf. He integrates the power of golf, performance and Emotional Intelligence to maximize the potential of leaders and teams. John has delivered programs to Cisco Systems, Nortel, Bell Canada, General Electric, KPMG, Capital One, GlaxoSmithKline and YPO. LearningLinks programs have helped companies worldwide enhance their team, performance and leadership capability. John’s first book,You Are a Contender! was released in December 2009.