Teresa Kellerman

Teresa Kellerman is Director of the FAS Community Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona. She’s the adoptive parent of a young man with FAS. She’s a popular speaker because of her personal experience and success as a parent, her extensive knowledge of current research, and her unique use of skits, poems, and props. With her 30 years experience, she supports families, and consults with professionals. She trains educators, social workers and foster parents. She facilitates support groups for families and caregivers. She’s a certified FASD trainer for the US federal government’s FASD Center for Excellence, the US Department of Justice, and the Native American Alliance Foundation. She’s the Fetal Alcohol Resource Coordinator for the State of Arizona. She’s produced guidelines for teachers in positive behavior support programs. She’s an author, including a chapter in a popular book on FAS, “Fantastic Antone Grows Up” published by University of Alaska Press. Visit her www.fasstar.com www.fasstar.com