Michael  Stinson

Michael Stinson

Michael “Mr. Try Love” Stinson is the senior pastor of General Assembly Church in Chicago. He is known for his unwavering commitment to the communities he serves as a community activist organizer. He brought over 1,000 jobs to East West Garfield by piloting the “Put Illinois to Work” program. He worked on the 6 North Hamlin development project which is a $10 million economic partnership with the community and small businesses to create jobs, business contracts, and housing. Michael is the creator of TryLoveTeddyBears.com which is a global initiative to equip firefighters, first responders, front line workers, and police officers with teddy bears as the first step to ease the trauma children face. He continues to look for new and exciting way to be impactful. He often asks, “What’s Next?” believing there is always another opportunity to serve just waiting to be created.